Friday, July 6, 2007

What I've Been Thinking About #1

I've decided to start a little series here on the ol bloggity blog. I do not promise it will be thought-provoking, original, or even mildly entertaining. But it will be what has been rolling around in my mind or what Kris and I have been mulling over as we try to figure it all out. Here is number one...

I've been thinking about what a blessing it is to be born to believing parents. As we take Asher to the gathering of the Beloved (we are trying to eliminate using the word "church" as a location versus a people) I think about how he really has no right to be there, but gets to partake in (some of)the blessings of the Church...let me explain!

First of all, none of has a "right" in and of ourselves to be there. We are believers because God opened our blind eyes and gave us hearts of flesh in place of those stones we were so fond of. He chose us and GAVE us the right to become His's not something we have apart from His work within us. But what I mean by Asher not having a right is that, as of now, he is not a believer. God has not shown him his need and granted him repentance. The fact that he is a 5 month old has a lot to do with this, obviously, but my point is this: As an infant, Asher is getting many of the benefits that believers get by virtue of who his parents are, that is, believers.

He gets to hear the Word preached, he gets to join in on the songs of praise, he gets to have the Scriptures opened to him at home, he gets to be in fellowship with other believers...not because he himself is one, but because Kris and I are.

I'm not saying that children of unbelievers have no hope...they do. I'm not saying Asher will be saved because we bring him to gather with the Church...he won't (grace alone, faith alone, Christ alone.) I'm just saying that the Lord is being very good to Asher by allowing him access to the blessings of the Church while he still not yet a part of it. We pray fervantly that one day, God will grant him repentance and that he will have faith with which to profess Christ as his Savior and Lord.

And until that day, Lord willing, we will continue to bring Asher with us as we assemble with the Body of Christ until we no longer call him just "son" but "brother" as well.

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