Monday, April 26, 2010

Items For Your Consideration

Item #1: My goals for today (and there are exactly 2 of them)...laundry (including the weeding out of superfluous items that bog down my laundry productivity but might be useful to someone else) and going to the grocery store.

Item #2: When I change Jude's diaper, I always say, "P.U.!" (or is it "pee-yew"? or "pea-you"?) So he has started saying, as soon as I lay him down to change him, "ahhhh-peeee!" I realize this is not that funny to anyone else, but it's one of those little things I want to remember so into the blog it goes. He's hit that point where his vocabulary has exploded. He'll tell me something and all I can think is "when did you learn that word?" My favorite right now though is his "yes sir" which sounds like "yeeehhhhh-shore."

Item #3: I am 30 weeks as of Saturday. When anyone who has children over the age of 15 asks me how far along I am and I give my answer in weeks, they look confused. So I have to quickly divide my weeks by 4 to give them an answer that will make sense to them. So when did that shift occur?

Item #4: I am 30 weeks as of Saturday. This means that in a little over 9 weeks I will, Lord willing, give birth to Simeon James via c-section. Not my preference to say the least, but at least I will be able to sit afterwards. It's sad when that is the only nice thing I can say about it. It's a tough sell--"Hey! Ok, I'm going to cut you open, staple you back together, separate you from your baby during a crucial bonding time, and then expect you to care for 3 kids 3 and under as you recover from major surgery. Sound good?" Perfect.

Item #4: I am 30 weeks as of Saturday. I had an ultrasound this week and from his profile, he looks more like Asher's us pictures. He kicks. A lot. Really hard. Which would make him more like Jude.

Item #5: The term "begs the question"...I feel this is being misused a lot these days. My understanding is that it is a logical fallacy used to describe an argument that is circular in its reasoning or that assumes the conclusion as part of the premise. But I hear people constantly using it as though it means a question that should be asked in response to whatever statement was just made (i.e. The dog got hit by a car which begs the question "Why was the dog not in the backyard?") Is this just one of those usages that has become conventional and accepted or should I start calling people out on it in a really conspicuous and humiliating way?

Item #6: I haven't eaten at Jason's Deli since Thursday and I'm really hoping that Kris will be up for dinner there tonight.

Item #7:

These are the new "Going to Mamaw and Poppy's House" backpacks. I really want to get their names embroidered on them but since the Elmo one will probably become Simeon's within the next year or two I guess I will refrain. Do you think the urge to get your children's names embroidered on everything they own is a sickness?

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jamie, Jamie, Quite Contrary

Ok, it doesn't really rhyme but it still works, no?

So we have planted a garden. A very small garden. Our garden is currently the cradle of tomatoes, squash, peppers, and I think maybe cucumbers. I can't really remember exactly so it will be a nice surprise when whatever that last plant is bears its fruit, as it were.

Our friend from church, Scott, who is an expert on all things soil, seed, and gardening related helped us plan out everything. So if it all comes to nothing, I will have someone else to blame, which is how I like to live life. Always have someone to point a finger at when things go badly. I may stitch that on a sampler.

So step one was to spend a lot of money on dirt.


Step two, Kris built 2 boxes--one 6x2 box for the tomato plants and one 4x4 for everything else. Check.

Step three was to prepare the fallow ground.

Kris dug down about 6 inches inside the boxes and then mixed up all the various soils with the dirt that was already there. So we have about 12 inches of growing depth. I would have helped him, but I have really pretty, soft, delicate hands that just aren't cut out for manual labor.

But don't think that I just abandoned him to do all the work alone. That would be so inconseiderate! No, I stepped up to the plate and hired a few workers to help him ge tthe job done.

They worked hard for a while.

But then an impromptu concert broke out and the water hose became a microphone.

I guess you get what you pay for. Oh well. At least he puts on a good show.

So now the little plants are nestled in their new dirt homes. We planted, we are watering, and we are waiting on God to give the increase!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I will blog again one day

But for now, enjoy my new favorite picture (because Jude is actually SMILING!)

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