Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And Now It Is November

One post for October. Pitiful. I guess if I were keeping a baby book or making some sort of scrapbook, neglecting the blog might not be that big of a deal. Oh the pressure.

Well let's get started, shall we? We've lived a lot of life in these past few weeks and I have some incredibly mediocre pictures to prove it.

We visited Oil Ranch with some friends. Places like that have the potential to be way more trouble than they are worth, but I have to say that it was a really enjoyable experience. Asher and Jude loved getting to ride ponies and feed farm animals and ride the train. Simeon didn't seem to mind it too much either.

First up: The pony rides! I don't want to brag, but look at that form. Textbook. Those boys mounted that saddle and made that relatively small loop with poise and style. Even when the saddle came loose on Jude's pony and he was practically parallel with the ground, Cowboy Jude held on and finished his ride. Giddy up.

Next up:The hay ride: What you would expect up until the driver pulls off to a small area where cows are hanging out waiting to be fed. By the people on the hay ride. These are not bashful cows that don't want to appear too anxious. They know the drill. They stick their enormous heads right in your lap and you give them cow food. Got that? It's been about 15 minutes since the last hay ride came through so don't make them wait either.

The final activity: pumpkin selection. You DO NOT want to make the wrong choice. Thoughtfully peruse each one until the orange squash that God permitted to exist just so it could find its way into your grimy little hands jumps out at you.

Whew. Well done, boys. That was a close one.

That evening, we went to Mamaw and Poppy's so that Asher and Jude could attend their very first football game. Asher had been wanting to go one for a while so we headed out to Hamshire. Where the boys watched clothes dry. Loads of fun (with a wit only matched by her beauty.)

Incidentally, Jude opted out of the football game and stayed at home with Mamaw and Simmy and me. He decided it would be more fun to lie in bed and watch Nick Jr. which was definitely one of my prouder moments as a mother. Asher, Poppy, and Kris went and it was reported that a good time was had by all.

Oh, sweet Simeon. He is adored by us all. He smiles at everybody. He plays contentedly by himself. He eats and sleeps well. And all I can say about that is, "THANK YOU, GOD!"

We took our traditional pumpkin patch pictures. We got there a little late and didn't have enough light left to take the requisite 500 pictures in order to get 1 or 2 good ones. But I think this one does a good job of capturing the moment.

(Thankfully my friend Chris met us out there a few day later and got some cute ones.)

Ok, I'm exhausted now. More blogging later. Pinky swear.

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