Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Simeon James Rives

Well, it's true what they say--third time is a charm. For this delivery, the baby was breathing and I was conscious. Mission: Accomplished.

Simeon James made his grand entrance at 7:53 on the morning of June 28. He was a whopping 6 lb. 12 oz. and 20 inches--which is how long Big Bro Jude was, but Jude weighed 2 lbs. more.

The anesthesiologist had a little problem finding the right spot for my spinal block, but no where near the trouble the last guy had so I was most grateful for that. She got it going and after a little anti-nausea medicine, I was good to go. Dr. Plummer got to work doing God knows what behind that curtain and a few minutes later, Little Bit came out screaming his little lungs out. Best. sound. ever.

That is the picture I have been wanting...mainly because Kris looks so hot in his shower cap.

Kris went with Simeon to the nursery to get cleaned up and to make sure that they brought him back to me ASAP so I could nurse him. I will say attempting that after major abdominal surgery was a little precarious, but by God's grace, we did it!

While Simeon was back there, he got to meet his very first friend, James. His mom, Laura, and I are very good friends and were so happy to deliver our boys on the same day in the same hospital.

We spent this first day together--just the 3 of us.

We asked that friends and family wait until the second day to come meet our little guy so we could have some time to spend just focusing on Simeon and on getting a good start on nursing.

So the big brothers waited until Tuesday to come up and visit their new baby. They were so excited and looked super cute in their shirts made by my friend Becca at Too Cute Creations (pics of all 3 in their shirts coming soon!)

And although it appears that Jude is about to whack his new brother, he was really just reaching out to touch him. Jude has actually been really gentle with him. If you know Jude at all, you are just as surprised as we are.

Here are a few of Sweet Simeon. I will refrain from making pronouncements about his temperment until he is a little older. Or at least until all the narcotics are out of my breastmilk. But he really is a sweet baby. He has a precious little look with his big eyes and tiny little face.

The day we left the hospital

Daddy and Simeon

After his spongebath

Simeon and me( sporting my "I have a newborn" hairdo)

Check out those guns.

Our little family of five is doing well. Thankfully, it is summer so Daddy is home with us for a few more weeks so I won't feel the full impact of being a mom of three until then. We are enjoying our time together and this way-too-long, way-too-short season.

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