Monday, September 28, 2009

To My Party Animal...

Happy 14 Months! Maybe I'll get you a haircut for your present.

Friday, September 25, 2009

But enough about me...

Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?

Oh, I'm kidding. Back to pics of the kids. Let's see if I can beat my record of most unrelated pictures in one post accompanied by least interesting captions. Readysetgo.

This was right after I told them to make sure they leave all of the toys in the playroom alone and come into the bathroom with me while I try to get ready.

We all know Judah Barracuda could benefit from a little trim, but pictures like this make it seem quite urgent.

Asher hit his head on the tile floor a few days ago. A rather impressive goose egg appeared within seconds. I was answering the door when the incident occurred and he was less than forthcoming with the details. Memory loss or up to no good?

We love Yummy Earth lollipops over here--no fake dyes or sweeteners. But some of us still struggle with our technique. In this picture it looks like Jude finished his off, but he is actually just holding it by the candy part. And it appears that he has rubbed his stickiness all over his face and hair. I just like making more work for myself.

We have not "officially" started potty-training yet but occasionally Asher likes to act out what it would theoretically look like if he were to use the potty. And Jude occasionally likes to join him.

I think I'm going to wait to begin potty-training until the dead of winter when I can't leave the house anyway since I completely shut down in cold weather. Seriously, I hate it. So we'll be inside either way--why not do a little potty-training then?

And, finally, here are Kris and Asher chatting with Randall Goodgame after his show Wednesday night. Asher thanked him for writing, what I'm sure Mr. Goodgame considers his finest work to date,Bears.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

One Year Ago

Jude was much, much smaller and I was much, much bigger.

I miss the sweet little onesies but not the maternity pants.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Top Chef

Asher is cooking in style now thanks to the "new" kitchen I found on a local online- classifieds site. Oh, how I love a bargain.

Why is Pottery Barn Kids...thanks for noticing. And is blue. It may be a play kitchen, but it's a manly one.

So Merry Christmas, Asher, from us and Mamaw and Poppy. You're in charge of the turkey.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For All Those Wondering...

what have those Rives boys been up to?

Other then crossing the last few classics off of their summer reading lists, you mean, right?

Well, they've been eating, of course.

Every. Last. Crumb.

Asher has been learning how to spell his name.

He did this all by himself. So far, we have the "A" down for sure.

Jude has become somewhat confident in his walking skills but gets most upset when he can't walk and play guitar at the same time. Shortly after this picture was taken there was a great fit. It's so frustraing when you can envision yourself a traveling musician but just can't quite make it happen yet. All in good time, my boy.

And I learned that shorts or pants are a necessity now.

The end.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hilarity Ensued

I can't figure out why the sound isn't working. I took the video on my phone and there is audio when I watch it there, but it isn't working on You Tube. Anyone know why this might be?

In hindsight, the eating of waffle fries while encouraging Jude to laugh more was probably a mistake. But it is rare to catch Jude in a full on laughing fit so I didn't want to ruin the moment. Thankfully, he didn't choke so this video is still funny.

If your wondering what was so comical, it was Asher and I swatting mosquitoes. I know--hysterical, right! And I love the ending--Asher wrapping it up with a big "cheese!" and a swig of milk. Classic.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

my blog is on my nerves

I just spent the better part of the last hour trying to change to a 3 column layout and when that went horribly wrong, I decided to change my background, which proceeded to go horribly wrong.

I have to many "textures" happening and the words are hard to read but I'm tired and I'm done for the night.

Why do I undertake major blog changes at 10 in the evening?

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