Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For All Those Wondering...

what have those Rives boys been up to?

Other then crossing the last few classics off of their summer reading lists, you mean, right?

Well, they've been eating, of course.

Every. Last. Crumb.

Asher has been learning how to spell his name.

He did this all by himself. So far, we have the "A" down for sure.

Jude has become somewhat confident in his walking skills but gets most upset when he can't walk and play guitar at the same time. Shortly after this picture was taken there was a great fit. It's so frustraing when you can envision yourself a traveling musician but just can't quite make it happen yet. All in good time, my boy.

And I learned that shorts or pants are a necessity now.

The end.

1 comment:

christina said...

this is the 3rd time i've visited this post and i just love it so much!

you make me want to be a better mom! i love yer blog!

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