Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three's A Crowd

This is one loved little baby! If Simeon is awake, the poor child has someone laying by him (or on him), kissing him, holding him, or dragging him by the foot across the room (Mama was catching up on facebook and perhaps should have glanced up from her computer more frequently.)

We are about to begin week 7 with our youngest and we are finally getting to that "Ok, I think we're going to make it" stage. Simeon is, better shall we say? Nothing to brag about, but enough that I can function. He's napping in his crib and getting his own sweet self to sleep. Sorry kids, but I'm a "a little crying never hurt anybody" kind of mom.

Kris is back at work. I had 6 wonderful weeks of help from my amazing husband. But we like bacon around here so somebody's got to bring it home.

Jude turned 2 a few weeks ago. We had a little family party at my parents' house and Jude kept up the tradition begun by Asher of puking at your 2nd birthday party. Other than that, it was a great party. Lots of Thomas the Train paraphernalia and outside toys were bestowed upon young Jude--a happy little 2 year old that did make.

Kris finished the deck! He outdid himself. He really should think twice about doing such awesome work because all that does it make the little mental list I keep for him in my head grow longer. Oh the plans I have for him now. Pics to come soon! I can't wait for more mild weather so we can really enjoy it.

One last picture of Simmy (as Jude has nicknamed him.)

So sweet!

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