Sunday, June 28, 2009

11 Months Old

That's a roast beef sandwich. I kid you not. Happy 11 months, Jude Rives!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Travel Thursday

last year at this time...

We were breaking out the baby stuff and about a month away from Jude's arrival! Asher, with safety always in mind, tried out the bouncy seat to make sure it was still in working order. Look at what a baby he was!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Pickin' and A Grinnin'

We had so much fun picking blueberries yesterday! Turns out Asher is quite the little harvester. And thankfully, he is beginning to pronounce blueberries correctly, because for quite some time, he has referred to them as "boobies," which makes for some very interesting sentences.

He did a great job of just picking the ripe ones (for the most part.)

Although I'm pretty sure he ate more than he actually put in his bucket.

But that's OK--part of the beauty of picking your own blueberries! I'm glad that we at least introduced him to the idea that food does not just appear on the shelves at HEB--that there is a little more involved in the process.

This is Kris' "I love blueberries!" face.

Jude just enjoyed the ambiance and ate some grass. And he looked precious in his little overalls.

And me? I was a blueberry picking machine! It was like I was born in an orchard. Check that out--a kid on the hip and a bucket around my neck. Amazing.

We got about 2.5 lbs. for a little over $3.00 and had a lot of fun in the process. Not bad for an evening's work. Lord willing, we will be back next blueberry season!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


We are silly. We have food on our shirts. Our pants don't always fit. We don't all look at the camera. Most of us are in desperate need of haircuts.

But yet, I see this picture and think, "Perfect." This is just so us. Unrefined, yet blissfully happy.

I like us.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Back to Devastatingly Handsome

Not that Asher doesn't look adorable even with the Quasimodo thing happening, but I am happy to report that the swelling has gone down and he is looks like himself again.

As proof, I offer you this incredibly long video that you should be no means feel obligated to watch. The boys are cracking each other up and I, rather unsuccessfully, try to persuade Asher to sing a few songs. There are a few moments of his sweet little voice but mainly you get Kris' sweet little voice and mine, such as it is.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The "After Nap" Shot

You get the full effect of the swelling in this one. Poor little fella looks awful :( But don't you worry--Jude is close by to take care of him.

You Should See the Other Guy

Asher got in a bar fight.

Ok, not really. He apparently was bitten by what we can only assume was a mosquito and woke up with his eye almost swollen shut and the area around his forehead and nose swollen as well. The picture doesn't really do justice to how different he looks today.

I took him to the see the NP this morning just to make sure there wasn't anything seriously wrong. Thankfully, she confirmed that it wasn't a spider bite and he doesn't have any kind of infection. She told us to dope him up on Benedryl for the next few days until the swelling subsides. He's never had Benedryl before so here's to hoping he isn't one of those kids that gets really hyperactive on it.

Next topic (seamless transitions are my specialty): how precious are these pictures!

These were taken at Harper's birthday bash and the humidity, while wreaking havoc on the cupcakes, made Jude's hair extra curly and spectacular. Looking at those pictures almost makes me want to go wake him up from his nap and squeeze him!

I said almost.

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