Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You Should See the Other Guy

Asher got in a bar fight.

Ok, not really. He apparently was bitten by what we can only assume was a mosquito and woke up with his eye almost swollen shut and the area around his forehead and nose swollen as well. The picture doesn't really do justice to how different he looks today.

I took him to the see the NP this morning just to make sure there wasn't anything seriously wrong. Thankfully, she confirmed that it wasn't a spider bite and he doesn't have any kind of infection. She told us to dope him up on Benedryl for the next few days until the swelling subsides. He's never had Benedryl before so here's to hoping he isn't one of those kids that gets really hyperactive on it.

Next topic (seamless transitions are my specialty): how precious are these pictures!

These were taken at Harper's birthday bash and the humidity, while wreaking havoc on the cupcakes, made Jude's hair extra curly and spectacular. Looking at those pictures almost makes me want to go wake him up from his nap and squeeze him!

I said almost.

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