Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Dad is awesome.

In honor of Father's Day, I thought I'd post this picture. My dad just returned from Ixtapa and apparently had the time of his life! I love this picture of him showing off! He's awesome.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The new house

Here is a picture I took last night of the new house and my charming husband. The other one was an attempt to get us in front of the house, but that didn't really work out. So it's just a really close up shot of our faces.

FYI...FInd out how many days notice you must give to your apartment office in order to move out and not be penalized. Here, at the Fabulous Equinox, we have to give 60 days notice. Now, to me, the logical way of conducting business would be to have your tenants sign a lease for a specified amount of time and then assume that at the end of that specified time, the tenants must move out or give prior notice that they intend to staty longer. But apparently, it's the other way around. They are assuming you stay unless you tell them differently (60 days in advance.) But if we started asking "Why?" now with regards to this place, we would never come to a stopping point.

But it all works out, as usual. We had a deluge of rain that had us giving thanks for the Noahic covenant so that slowed up progress on the house. So our new move-in date is the 2nd week of July, which is fine, because
we are paying for another month here anyway (thank you, Equinox Moving-Out Clause)

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

As if I needed a quiz to discover this...

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you.

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Ten things I am thankful for...

1. My amazing husband who I love with all my heart!
2. Being given ears to hear and eyes to see the truth of God's Word
3. A church where the whole counsel of scripture is boldly proclaimed
and getting to hear the gospel each Lord's Day
4. Air conditioning
5. Getting paid during the summer, but not working
6. Supportive parents
7. Knowing how to read
8. Cars that work
9. William Tyndale's commitment to English speakers having the Bible
10. God giving what we need and withholding what we don't

I want to cultivate and attitude of thankfulness. God's goodness is all around me in numerous ways and it is to my shame that I am so lax in returning thanks for it all. I am truly the recipient of "grace upon grace!"

On a totally unrealted note, my new favorite joke...

What did the presbyterian say when he fell down the stairs?

"Glad I got that over with!"

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