Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sip N See

On Sunday, my very good friends held a "Sip n See" for Asher and me. If you are unfamiliar with this, it is kind of like a baby shower but the baby is actually there...and you see him...and you sip something (punch and tea in our case.)

It was a lot of fun! My good friends that I hardly ever get to see anymore where there. Here are a few pictures...

Angie and Asher

Tina, Asher, and me

Hilary, Donna, and Reese

Stacy, Sandy, Kara, Carolyn, and baby Cameron

And here are a few of Asher in his new bumbo that Donna gave him. He loves it!


Denise said...

How fun! I've been to one of those. They are neat. Glad Asher likes his Bumbo. They are the coolest though Jon David never warmed up to his. Maybe baby brother will find it more appealing (same thing with the swing - hardly ever used).

Paula said...

Hello! I am hosting a sip 'n see this week in Charlotte but am a true Yankee and am not sure of the southern protocol. Should guests bring baby gifts, or gifts for the mom? Should the hostess provide party favors, or just food and something to 'sip'? Is there any kind of toasting to the mom, or is it all informal? Thanks!

Jamie Rives said...

Hi Paula--hope you find this comment here...from my experiences, a sip n see is bascially a shower that the baby attends :) So gifts for the baby are usually given but if it is a second baby or if the same group of people were already invited to a previous shower, then I wouldn't mention anything about gifts or where she is registered on the invitations.

I don't think favors are necessary but wouldn't be considered inappropriate. It is a pretty informal event and those that I have been a part of just had a few little finger-food type snacks and some punch/tea/coffee.

I've never been to one where there is a toast but I would venture to say that most "southern" showers don't involve toasting. But again, a few words of blessing and encouragement are never a bad thing :) Hope this helps!

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