Monday, May 21, 2007

Date Night

Kris and I have been wanting to see Shrek the Third so Asher's wonderful Mamaw came over to babysit last night. We haven't been to a movie in quite a while, so we were really looking forward to going on a date. Since we didn't want to be gone too long, we went to the theater near our house. We usually like to go somewhere else, because this theater is not the cleanest. We were reminded why we don't go there as the evening progessed.

First of all, it was filthy! To find a seat, we literally had to pick the one with the least popcorn on it and brush it off. It was so bad that Kris actually went and told a manager how gross it was. A few emplyees came in and started sweeping the trash around, not really "up." Then there were problems with the movie so it started late.

The movie finally begins and we chuckled at a few things, but it wasn't all that great. I was so tired and missing Asher on top if it, so I wasn't having the best time. Then, with about a quarter of the movie left, the screen goes blank. We looked at each other and Kris said "Let's get our money back and get out of here."

So after haggling with the manager, who wanted to give us passes and not a refund for a movie theater that we never intend on going to again, we got our money back and went home. The tickets, by the way, were $9.00 each! Ridiculous! Our new policy is to wait until movies come out on DVD and rent them from the $1 a day kiosk at the grocery store.

To sum up...Shrek is not that good, tickets cost way too much, and I would rather spend a night at home with my husband and baby then go out. I think I'm officially old now.


kris said...

I love date nights with Jamie! they are the best!

Robin said...

Sorry your date night did not turn out as you had planned. Hopefully your next one will be better!

I'm not a fan of public places anymore because everything seems so dirty now. Bleh.

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