Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Life is a Concert

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Home

I have returned home from a lovely visit to Bend, Oregon. My good friend Victoria is days (minutes?) away from giving birth to two little girls! So my other good friend, Angie, and I decided to head up there and spend some time with her before life. changes. forever. (in the best way, of course.)

The day we were scheduled to arrive, Victoria's doctors decided that she should continue her bed rest in the hospital and to to take her off her anti-contraction meds. She was 34 weeks and the babies are both a good size, so we fully expected to be able to actually see the babies during our visit. Everyone was ready, especially this girl...

But alas, no babies yet. But we did get intimately acquainted with the birthing center at St. Charles Hospital and had lots of fun anyway crafting, playing games, and eating--basically what we would have done with her at home, but with lots of beeping and monitors.

The only time the 3 of us have hung out since the college/waiting tables days was for each of our weddings so it was so great to be able to spend some time together without one of us totally stressed out about a wedding! Of course, the stress of not knowing when the babies will come and how it all all go down was there, but other than that...;)

It was good to catch up but it is VERY good to be home. I would love to go back to Oregon because it truly is breathtakingly beautiful, but I think I will bring the whole crew next time!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Whatcha think?

Should I get these pictures printed out and hung in the living room. I'm thinking it would make a lovely wall collage/conversation piece.

You know--just something different.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Sweetheart

I would give up every single thing on that other list for you. Even Jason's Deli.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that though.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

things i love

monogrammed sheets

coffee with heavy whipped cream

red toile

any film based on a jane austen novel

dr. pepper

uninterupted sleep

jason's deli

when Asher says "gotfor"

when Jude holds his lovey and sucks his thumb



pink pearl earrings

pleasures perfume

matching little boy outfits

robins egg blue/red color combinations

james taylor songs

a washed and vacuumed minivan

eating out

black and white pictures of my kids

wearing a skirt and flip-flops

a fresh haircut

good conversation with good friends

Godiva chocolate cheesecake

the beach in Destin

Peace Like A River by Leif Enger

the bulk section at Whole Foods

my J. Crew peacoat

live music in very small venues

ruffling feathers :) oh yes I do.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Zoo Season

We love having a membership to the zoo! But Zoo Season does not last long. Zoo Season, as defined by me, runs from about October to December (only on not too cold days) and then from about March to May (only on not too hot days.) Any other time, I find the weather completely objectionable and refuse to be out of doors for any length of time. But occasionally, a pretty day will surprise us in what would normally be considered off-season and I break my rule to take advantage of it.

A few weeks ago, one such day occurred. The weather was amazing--breezy and low humidity, but warm enough to not need a jacket. It was so unbelievably pleasant. Even the animals seemed happier than usual.

The boys are both at a great age for the zoo. Lots of excitement and questions and stamina. I love having two big boys!

Asher Turns 3 Pt. III/Bye-Bye Baby Bed

Asher's real birthday was Sunday, February 7. But as far as he was concerned, something magical happened at his party on Wednesday and he walked out of Chick-fil-a a fully-fledged three year old. So Sunday would have been kind of anti-climatic had not a major milestone occurred.

I am referring to the taking down of the baby bed. We have been telling him for quite some time that when he turned 3, the baby bed was getting put away and he would start sleeping in his big boy bed. If we brought up this fact from the time between Wednesday and his actual b-day, he would say, "Umm...I think I'm still 2."

But there was no more putting it off. The men of this house got out their tools and went to work packing it up!

I am happy to report he has transitioned somewhat smoothly. He is not thrilled, but he is embracing the change. Nights are better than naps. He has yet to actually goto sleep but I still make him stay in there for 2 hours. I can't make him sleep but I can make him give me some alone time. He usually comes out dressed in a new outfit. Whatever. Just be quiet.

The next day was the day of the big ultrasound so we rolled family birthday party and the big reveal into one celebration. My parents and several of Kris' siblings came over and we went to dinner. Asher got more fun presents and we revealed that we found out that Simeon was a Simeon.

I think we can consider this birthday duly celebrated. The next birthday in our little family will be an actual day of birth this summer. Hopefully I will have recovered from all of this by then.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Other Birthday Boy

Before Asherfest 2010 began, we celebrated another very important day. My amazing husband turned 35!

You know its gonna be a good party when the guests are in their underwear before the candles are even lit.

Daddy's helpers were there to lend a lung for ALL. THOSE. CANDLES.

Oh how these boys love cake. From their first birthdays on, these boys have never passed up the opportunity.

This shot was taking by a budding photographer. He's really good but can only really offer an "up the nose" perspective right now. Can you tell this picture was taken by someone about 3 feet tall?

He's booking quickly so don't wait til the last minute.

Asher Turns 3 Pt. II

Here is Part I.

The same day as the big friend party, we went to dinner with our good friends, The Rowleys. Mrs. Kelli is one of Asher's very favorite people on this earth so it is always a big treat to see her and the rest of her gang!

We went to Pappasitos (half-price fajitas on Wednesday nights--holla!) They ordered Asher the phenomenal tres leches cake and he got to wear the birthday sombrero.

So we sang to him (again) and dug into the cake. We are ringing in 3 for sure!

But, I kid you not, the celebration was not over yet...

My Three Sons

Lest this child label himself as "The One She Never Blogged About" I will make sure I gush about the newest little Rives who will, Lord willing, join our family in late June/early July.

This is Simeon James Rives. We are so excited about having another boy. Oh the matchy-matchyness that will ensue. I cannot wait!

Asher Turns 3!

I obviously have a lot of catching up to do so I'm just jumping in. I'll start with the highlight of Asher's life thus far--turning Three. We have talked about this day for about the last 6 months.

If you asked him what he wanted to do when he turned Three, his answer, invariably, was "Go to the gym and play ba-ketball and check my email." At our gym, when you turn 3, you get to go to The Promised Land where there is a big play structure, a mini court, and an array of colorful Macs on which to play games. Asher has tasted the goodness of this place a few times when he figured out if he asks to go to the bathroom, he can sneak into the big kid zone but he is always busted and made to return to the purgatory that is the toddler room.

The irony of it all is that I hardly ever make it to the gym these days. I had lofty goals for this pregnancy which included working out as consistently as I was pre-pregnancy, but alas...I am not That Girl. I tried to be--I really did. But I am Live It Up and Get Fat While You Are Pregnant Girl. Huh--who knew?

Anyway, turning Three. It was a marathon of a celebration. It began with a small party for his friends on the Wednesday morning before his real birthday, which was the following Sunday. He has been hooked on a show that comes on PBS Sprout called "Fireman Sam" which is a kids show from the UK. So I scheduled a tour at a local fire station. Great idea in theory--until the firemen get a call about 15 minutes into the visit and have to leave. Thankfully, we run with a flexible group of friends.

During our breif visit, we did get to explore the fire trucks. First, the boys cut their teeth on the smaller truck--kinda got a feel for how it handles.

Then they moved up to the big rig.

Mamaw (who graciously took the day off to attend the festivities) and Jude (who may the be the hardest child EVER to get a decent picture of.)

Here's the crew all together (minus Isaac, Sadie, and Sophia)

Here you can see the Amazing Mamaw at work. She did such a fabulous job at this party, I am considering renting her out. She did get a big ol' smile out of Jude (not an easy feat) but of course I was shooting from the wrong angle. Did anyone get a shot of the elusive smile of Jude Rives?

Our tour was cut short, but since the next stop on the party route was Chick-Fil-A, no one seemed to mind.

Yum! Hydrogenated oil and refined sugar! Nothing but the best for my boy.

More party fun!

It was the perfect party. Play, eat, go home and take a nap!

But this was only Celebration #1...

A Little Better?

I'm not in love with it, but it's better. Maybe it will do for now.

You were right, Robin. Simple is better. Glad you are not snowed in. But I think you are supposed to get more snow so feel free to give me some ideas if you get bored again.

I Hate My Blog

Somebody redesign it for me. Please. I really want to start posting again but until I find a layout I like, I cannot proceed.

Robin, since you are snowed in, I think this would be a nice project for you.

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