Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Other Birthday Boy

Before Asherfest 2010 began, we celebrated another very important day. My amazing husband turned 35!

You know its gonna be a good party when the guests are in their underwear before the candles are even lit.

Daddy's helpers were there to lend a lung for ALL. THOSE. CANDLES.

Oh how these boys love cake. From their first birthdays on, these boys have never passed up the opportunity.

This shot was taking by a budding photographer. He's really good but can only really offer an "up the nose" perspective right now. Can you tell this picture was taken by someone about 3 feet tall?

He's booking quickly so don't wait til the last minute.


Blossom Snodgrass said...

Wow. I'm impressed! could I go ahead and book him for the birth of our first child? Probably won't be for a while though. Haha!

Lis said...

that last foto made me laugh!!! You are a funny, funny girl, Jamie! ;)

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