Friday, February 12, 2010

Asher Turns 3 Pt. III/Bye-Bye Baby Bed

Asher's real birthday was Sunday, February 7. But as far as he was concerned, something magical happened at his party on Wednesday and he walked out of Chick-fil-a a fully-fledged three year old. So Sunday would have been kind of anti-climatic had not a major milestone occurred.

I am referring to the taking down of the baby bed. We have been telling him for quite some time that when he turned 3, the baby bed was getting put away and he would start sleeping in his big boy bed. If we brought up this fact from the time between Wednesday and his actual b-day, he would say, "Umm...I think I'm still 2."

But there was no more putting it off. The men of this house got out their tools and went to work packing it up!

I am happy to report he has transitioned somewhat smoothly. He is not thrilled, but he is embracing the change. Nights are better than naps. He has yet to actually goto sleep but I still make him stay in there for 2 hours. I can't make him sleep but I can make him give me some alone time. He usually comes out dressed in a new outfit. Whatever. Just be quiet.

The next day was the day of the big ultrasound so we rolled family birthday party and the big reveal into one celebration. My parents and several of Kris' siblings came over and we went to dinner. Asher got more fun presents and we revealed that we found out that Simeon was a Simeon.

I think we can consider this birthday duly celebrated. The next birthday in our little family will be an actual day of birth this summer. Hopefully I will have recovered from all of this by then.

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