Thursday, February 11, 2010

Asher Turns 3 Pt. II

Here is Part I.

The same day as the big friend party, we went to dinner with our good friends, The Rowleys. Mrs. Kelli is one of Asher's very favorite people on this earth so it is always a big treat to see her and the rest of her gang!

We went to Pappasitos (half-price fajitas on Wednesday nights--holla!) They ordered Asher the phenomenal tres leches cake and he got to wear the birthday sombrero.

So we sang to him (again) and dug into the cake. We are ringing in 3 for sure!

But, I kid you not, the celebration was not over yet...

1 comment:

Lis said...

oh how i miss half price fajitas...ok, any real fajita would be nice....maybe that margarita too...ooh, and the chips and salsa...ok, Pappasito's in general!

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