Friday, July 13, 2007

Another First!

Today, Asher and I went swimming with Lilly and Max (and their moms!) We had so much fun! It was Asher's first time in a pool and he took to it (I'll just go ahead and say it even though it's corny) like a fish to water! He was very relaxed in the water and seemed to be enjoying himself. In most of the pictures his face is covered by that big hat but I didn't want my baby burned! We slathered on the SPF and kept the hat and onesie on!

He looks a little pink in this one, but I promise it is just his skin tone. He thankfully did not get pink at all! The last thing I need is a 5 month old with a sunburn!

It was lots of fun! We can't wait to swim again (hint, hint) ;)

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