Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rock On

My blogging friend, Denise, bestowed me with this very prestigious award :) So thanks, Denise! I'm honored!

And now I'm supposed to pass it on to 5 other blogging girls who rock. But here's the problem...I only know rockin' girl bloggers. So how could I pick just 5? So I'm passing it on to all my rockin' girl blogger friends and I have included one of the many reasons why I find them "rockin'"

Robin, because she takes great pictures and puts them on her blog and because she wears fun socks and shoes (which she takes pictures of and puts on her blog.)

Kathy, because she is the reason I even knew about blogs and she has a great mix of insightful, thoughful, and fun posts.

Bethany, because she is so good about putting up videos on her blog of her super-cute little guy, Tye.

Laura, because she lets us know how many days left until Harry Potter comes out and she's my Babywise guru :)

Lis, because she makes me aware of the all-natural, organic world through her posts and because Asher has the hots for Lilly.

Sarah, because we've been friends a really long time and maybe this will make her add a blogroll to her blog and put me on it :)

Silvia, because she has the cutest blog layout that I have ever seen.

Rebecca, because she is a very cute pregnant mama and because she inspires me in the domestic arts!

Becca, because she is also a very cute pregnant mama, and she is great about keeping the blog updated with Baby Kendall news.

Susanna, because her posts usually make me laugh because they are exactly the type of thing that I would have written and because we will try out for Wheel of Fortune together one day.

Mandy, because I love reading her posts for their humor and honesty and because her kids are really adorable!

Karen, because she is learning Russian and still manages to find time to blog!

Hilary, even though her blog is private (for now) she has just ventured into the blog world and she is doing a great job! Go public, Hil, so everyone can read about your adventures in H.E.B.!

So there they are! To all of the recipients, pass on the award as you see fit...and thanks for rockin'.


Silvia said...

Wow! I'm so excited! I've always secretly wanted to be nominated! Hee hee!

Listen, let's see if we can all get together next week! How about Tuesday for lunch? Any plans? I'll email Kathy and see what she's go going on--I've got any day free next week. I think we would have tons of fun!

Just ignore the bruises and swelling on my face...still healing from that surgery :)

the kirkseys said...

Oh My Gosh! I would like to thank my family, God, my friend, my dog....what's that? They are playing music to get me off the stage? Oh well. Thanks for the award!!!! You are awesome jamie. And I love your blog for the same reasons that you love mine!! : ) Give Asher a big fat hug for me!!

mandycrowell said...

I was in the bathroom and didn't hear my name, and now there's toilet paper stuck to my shoe and my dress is still tucked in my underwear..uh-hum..anyway..thanks so much for the award. I will treasure it always and will make sure my "adorable" kids don't manage to find a way to take me from a rockin blogger, to a senile blogger in a rocking chair..
I loved those latest pictures of Asher also..that boy is gonna love his food you can tell!

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