Friday, July 13, 2007

Setting the Record Straight

Earlier I reported to you that Asher's length was measured at 23.5 inches. When the nurse told me that, it didn't sound right to me, but for some reason I didn't question it (not sure why because usually I am the queen of questioning things.)

This morning, Kris got out the tape measure to see for ourselves and a conservative measurement would be 25.5 inches, possibly 26 though. I reinacted the event for the purposes of photojournalism:

I started at his head and then, without moving the tape measure...

I measured down to his feet. At least 25.5 inches, right?

So now I really want to go back up to the doctor's office and have that nurse re-measure him. But then I'd be "that" mother who is obsessed with percentiles. And they might take my picture and put it on their "crazy moms to watch out for" board.
But it really bugs me that on his chart it shows that he is shorter than he is. I guess I'm just really passionate about not cheating him out of one ounce or inch!

So what do I do? Blow it off or call for a recount? I know it's not a huge deal, or even a moderately sized deal, but a little accuarcy would be nice.


Robin said...

I say blow it off. Next time he goes in, you can make sure he's measured correctly.

Jamie said...

Yeah, I think that's what I've decided to do...not a big deal (except that it is!)

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