Monday, July 23, 2007

Bon Appetit

We've ventured into the wild world of rice cereal! It is definitely a rite of passage that I would have been fine with postponing for a few more weeks, but I've got a hungry boy on my hands, so we introduced this tasty item. He's still not real sure about it, but each feeding gets a little better. Allow me to guide you through the latest meal:

"Ummm....How come I'm not sucking on anything?"

"Not real sure about the texture, but I think I want some more."

"Hey, can I see that thing for a minute? I think I can take it from here."

"Oh, yeah. That's good stuff."

"I so have this eating thing down! Did I get any on my face?"

"And now I need a nap."

In other news...

Asher realizes that he just rolled over again...and he is not very pleased with himself.

And this is for you, John. You called it--you ended up on my blog. And a little part of you is glad, isn't it?


hilarylarson said...

just wait, he will love that cereal before long...he already looks as if he is off to a good start!

Serg and Lis said...

oh my goodness, Asher has changed a bit since the last time we saw yous guys!!! He looks it the computer or has it been THAT long since we saw you???!!!:) Coffee anyone??? Asher, you and Sergio need to have a little chat;)

Denise said...

Look at the chunky monkey!!! LOVE it!

Jamie said...

Lis--Asher totally plans on asking Sergio before he proposes! He's quite the gentleman :) He wants to wait until you get back from Peru!

Denise--I know! What happened to that little 4 lb. 13 oz preemie? (we think this baby may have eaten him) ;)

Denise said...

What a joy to see your tiny baby boy doing so well! God has blessed you all so much!

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