Thursday, July 5, 2007

I do not like the 4th of July.

Although Asher looks adorable in his red, white, and blue, and had a ton of fun hanging out with friends on his first Independence Day and although I am super grateful that we enjoy a realtive degree of freedom here, I do not care for the foolishness that accompanies this holiday (or most holidays for that matter.)

And let me tell you why. Because I don't like loud noises. I really don't like them when I have a sleeping 5 month old. Unfortunately, we live in a neighborhood full of people who pretty much live for this day. They clear out their bank accounts and go to the little firework trailers and buy them out of the loudest, most obnoxious firecrackers they sell and come back to our street and pop them.

So at about 10:00 last night, I couldn't take it anymore. I was losing my mind!!!! Kris saw that I was about one roman candle away from forever being known as the crazy lady that went ballistic on everyone on July 4th.

Asher does a "dream feed" around that time and the whole time he was eating, he would startle a little from all of the noise. I seriouly couldn't handle it. My blood pressure was rising and I wanted to attack someone. So Kris decided (more for my benefit than Asher's) that we should go to my parent's house (an hour and a half away.) So we did. And I slept great. And so did Asher. And apart from all of the firecracker refuse that remains in front of our house, which will be cleaned up by the neighbors (oh yes it will, I promise) all is well again.

And now for some (what we now know are) "killdeer" news...they hatched!

This is one of them (there are 4, but, sadly, one is unaccounted for.)

I was walking out to take a picture and Mama Bird was chirping wildly. Apparently she was tell Baby Bird "Play dead! Play dead!" because this is what the bird did...

Much to the chagrin of many, I'm sure, this will be the last "driveway eggs" update. It's been fun, but it is now bordering on weird. So I'm stopping.

If that announcement makes any of you feel like this... not despair, because I will continue to post about this baby bird :)


Robin said...

I am with you on the fireworks thing. Our whole neighborhood used to pop a lot of fireworks (the whole week of the 4th and around New Years) late into the night and were really quite rude about the whole thing.

the kirkseys said...

I could have written this post! I HATE fireworks. I believe that the art of fireworking runs a close third behind NASCAR and rodeo in the category of redneck sports. Our neighbors actually started the night before. Idiots.

Jamie said...

Pretty much any loud, sudden noises, I cannot stand! Popping balloons, fireworks, guns, etc. And then add that to the mama bear tendencies I now have anyone DARES to disprupt my baby and you have a dangerous combination!

thelittlefields said...

ok I totally did read this blog. I dont know why I forgot it! I liked the killdeer updates, by the way. We made it through the 4th too, I was a little worried about Josiah, but he sleeps like a log and never heard any of it. We were wild and crazy and rented a movie for the 4th-we're crazy, I know-but we ended up turning it off once the fireworks were in full swing.

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