Sunday, July 8, 2007

A few (minor) changes

If you have scrolled down a bit, you may have noticed that I reorganized my link list. Organizing is a newfound joy to me, and nothing is off limits. Hence the new category of people I don't have permission to link to but whose blogs I love to read. There are only 3 there now, but that's just because I'm not being very forthcoming.

All 3 are great, but Soule Mama may be my favorite just because that is exactly the style of decorating and living that I love, but am unable to acheive in my own home. I love vintage fabric and decor and clothes. I love things that look old and well-loved. So I read her blog for inspiration and hope that one day, I'm "that" girl--the cute, funky one with the curiously charming sense of style :)


Silvia said...

I feel like I'm having a delayed conversation--this is kind of fun!

Ok, I got your post, and we totally need to get together with Kathy--how fun would that be?

Coffee? I'm free all summer (we don't go back until August 21st) so whenever you guys want to get together, I'm there!

mandycrowell said...

Hey Jamie
Yeah, the blogging world is pretty small. Glad to hear you and Silvia will be hanging out..she's a hoot, you'll love her! Saw pictures of your little angel and he is just beautiful. Glad to see all is well.

Robin said...

I love vintage and antique things. I have a couple of blogs I like to visit because they have pictures of all their cool, vintage stuff, too.

Audra said...

Keep up the good work.

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