Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Birthday Extravaganza

We had a family party for Jude at my parent's house. Nevertheless, I felt the need to make invitations. So I did. Here it is.

Now you can't have a fish theme and not have some sort of water to play in so our friends let us borrow their big, inflatable water slide. Jude was not all that into it but Asher and Reagan had a blast!

Aunt Renae held Baby Reed, the newest addition to the Rives clan, and let him dip his toes in. He and Jude both thought the slide was little over the top.

Then we moved inside for cake. A friend of my mom's made the most adorable cakes I have ever seen. This is Jude's own personal smash cake, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

And this was the big cake. It tasted just as good as it looked!

Jude was a little reserved at first.

But we assured him he could go for it. Oh, and he did.

Mama and Daddy with their birthday boy

Mamaw and Poppy grab their photo op next. Please note Jude does not stop eating in either picture.

And these, dear readers, are a post unto themselves.

I tried to make cute little favors for the party and, as I should have expected, things did not go according to plan. These are little soaps made to look like the fish that you might when at a carnival. Looks easy to make, right? Wrong. But more on that later.

So the first birthday party went down as a big success (party favors notwithstanding.) Special thanks to Mamaw and Poppy for graciously opening up thier home and to all the Riveses who came all the way to Hamshire, TX to be a part of Jude's day. We had a blast celebrating with you all! Let's do it again next year, ok?


Becca - said...

Looks like a blast!! The cake is adorable!! Love the party favors. It's the thought that counts, right?? Seriously, they're cute...and super creative!! You should be SO proud!

hilarylarson said...

I really cannot beleive he is 1, just cannot beleive it. Love the cakes. :)

chris mitch travis cana said...

#1-you have some great friends! that water jump is SUPER SWEET!

#2-yer one eye in that pic is pretty.

#3-why do i feel the need to list my comments in numerical order?

Carrie Murphy said...

The cakes are sooo cute, as is your family! Can't wait to hear the story about the favors.

Mamoo aka Mamaw said...

We had a wonderful time too! I love it when the family gets together! Good times.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what cute your blog...It is a rainy day here in La and I have enjoyed some blog reading....So glad I stopped by yours.

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