Wednesday, July 22, 2009

in less than a week

Jude turns one.

I keep looking through pictures trying to figure out where my year went.

I'm gonna have a one year old and a two year old. Yes, I'm still a little overcome by it. Because I'm now far enough out that all I remember are the sweet little coos and the tiny onesies and the swaddled up baby burrito.

I know there was much sleeplessness and feeding woes and non-stop crying (oh how that boy carried on so) but that memory has faded.

Again, I feel the need to state that I love where we are at. It's nice that the boys are getting more and more independent. It's nice being able to have them play together while I eat cheesecake and watch my stories with the volume loud enough to drown out any cries.

But I can still get a little nostalgic, right? Lord help me when they leave the house. All of you that have crazy mothers-in-law (I personally do not fall into this category,) have compassion on the poor woman. She is probably just now recovering from her baby turning one.


chris mitch travis cana said...

so tell me...are there any favorites of jude's that you just have to have? I mean..HE has to have? I need to give some love to my boy for his bday.

Patti said...

I don't want to talk about it. Stop trying to make me.

Mom said...

W-e-e-e-e-ll, W-e-e-e-ll,
w-e-e-e-ell, welcome to my world.

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