Friday, July 17, 2009

You Are Not Going To Believe This

Instead of this

and this

in my coffee tomorrow morning, I will sweeten and cream up with this

and this

First diet coke, now this. Here's to baby steps. I'll let you know how it goes.

I have been reading In Defense of Food and that sudden jolt I felt whie reading was apparently my paradigm shifting. Hence the change up of the morning routine. More changes to come!


Anonymous said...

Yay! the real stuff always tastes better, and this is especially true when talking about coffee.

Robin said...

I LOVE Horizon Milk. I pay the extra money for it because it is so awesome.

Patti said...

And how did the Farmers' Market treat you?? Are you an Official Locavore?

Jamie Rives said...

I felt a little out of my league. I wished I would have worn my Birks and not taken my dreds out. WF was good, too but I saw lots of things there that HEB carries for much less. But I got a few things to try that I don't see at HEB. I am an official Locavore that is looking for even more Loca so I don't have to drive so far. Or did you mean "crazy eater" because I think I'm that, too.

Robin said...

Did you take your reusable bags?
Did you walk and not drive?
If you were forced to drive, do you at least have an Obama sticker on your car?

These are all farmer's market requirements. At least around here they are.

Jamie Rives said...

Did bring a reusable bag.
Did not drive--Humble is pretty far from River Oaks by foot.
No Obama sticker.

More reasons why that ain't my scene.

Robin said...

River Oaks is your closest farmer's market? Eh, not really worth it, is it?

I always take reusable bags with me to the FM, but then I still use the plastic bags they provide for certain things. I mean, the peaches might smushed and get my pretty Trader Joes bag dirty. Can't have that.

So then I put the plastic bags inside my reusable bag, so that I still look crunchy. But I'm just a poser.

PS, I drive too. I feel like 3.5 miles each way is a bit far to walk to get two ears of corn, a few peaches, and a cucumber.

Patti said...

That Whole Foods has, by far, the coolest and most patchouli scented checkout folks and bag people. They make me feel frumpy and suburban--like they are wondering why I can't just go buy my Wonder bread someplace else. Once I walked in right behind a man wearing an actual kilt, these tall lace up moccasins and an expensive looking Hawaiian shirt (you'll have to trust me on that one). He had grey dreds cascading down his back. I think he might have been someone famous.

So, local AND crazy, of course.

Lis said...

How do you like the stevia??? that's awesome that you've made the switch!!! before you know it, you'll be stuffing your own capsules with bulk herbs to treat your kiddos' illnesses! :) out with the antibiotics in with the Goldenseal tea!!!
buyer beware with Whole Foods....they know the "thing" to be is "green" and "organic." it's too bad their prices don't really reflect their goal of helping people be healthy....

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