Monday, July 6, 2009

We Love a Parade!

We headed down to Friendswood on the 4th for their annual parade. I googled it and found out that this was the 114th year that Friendswood has held a parade!

We were hot and sweaty, but managed to have fun anyway. Asher especially enjoyed himself this year. He was just 17 months last year and I was 8 months pregnant, so we both had a much better time this year!

Grammy, Aunt Melissa, and cousin Reagan (AND THE STAR OF THE WHOLE PARADE WAS UNLCE SEAN WHO PULLED THE FLOAT WITH HIS SUBURBAN!)were in the parade so Asher and Daddy ran out to wave to them when their float came by.

The marching bands and the fire trucks were also a big hit!

Jude had fun, too. This may be one of my all-time favorite pictures of him, sweaty head and all.

A lady sitting in front of us, who told me proudly that this was her 45th year at the parade, asked if she could hold Jude. She looked like she had held a grandbaby or two in her day, so I let her. Jude sat there for quite a while--happy to be in the shade, I'm sure.

Here's our little family abiding by the "Make sure one person is not looking at the camera" rule.

After the parade, we headed to the park where they had food, music, and games for the kids. The boys enjoyed their first sno-cone (red of course to match their shorts.)

And I enjoyed my yearly sausage link.

We had just about melted away so we decided it was time to call it a day. Asher was still reeling from all the fun he had.

And Judah did not make it out of the parking lot.


Alli said...

You are looking GOOD, my friend!

Mandy Crowell said...

Oh man! We were at that parade this year as well. We sat at the annual Crowell spot by the Montesorri (sp) School..I wish we had known you would be there and we could have moseyed over and said hi..

Mamoo said...

omg, jamie!!!! Jude is sitting facing the front in his car seat!!!When did you turn him around? Mamoo leaves for a week and they grow up. btw i will be home on Wed so will probably come over thurs to see the gang if that is ok....

Sean said...

I am glad you decided to mention me. If I decided not to drive the parade would have been over at float #46 and everyone else would have been sitting on the side street without being able to move.
So in a way without me the parade would of only been 1/3 the parade it was.

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