Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Free Gao

from ChinaAid and Voice of the Martyrs

100,000 Signatures Urgently Needed

Kidnapped Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng has been missing 153 days, and with each day that passes, his life hangs in the balance. The petition asking for Gao's release is now very close to 100,000 signatures, and we need your help to reach this goal quickly.

ChinaAid President Bob Fu has been invited to speak at a Congressional-Executive Commission on China roundtable on July 10 where he will present about Gao Zhisheng's case. Please help make a greater impact for Gao Zhisheng's freedom by helping us to reach 100,000 signatures so that the petition can be presented at this important meeting. This is a great opportunity to have a voice before U.S. lawmakers and the media on behalf of Gao, and to pressure the Chinese government to immediately reveal Gao's whereabouts and condition.

Please encourage family and friends to sign the petition today at Free Gao and be a part of this movement for freedom and justice on behalf of Gao Zhisheng. Thank you for your partnership to free Gao Zhisheng and to expose, to the world, the truth regarding his case. We are committed to pressure the Chinese government until justice is brought to victory.

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