Tuesday, July 21, 2009


1. Yes, the stevia and real half and half are working out just fine. Not quite as sweet, but still good.

2. Yes, I made my own granola and it is delish. I used this recipe and tweaked it a little by using pumpkin seeds instead of nuts and 3/4 stick of butter. I bought most of the ingredients in the bulk foods section.

3. No, I have not had a diet coke in a while. When I want a soda, I drink a real one. I've actually lost a few more pounds since I've cut out the diet stuff. Bonus.

4. Yes, I really did read one book and decide to make lots of changes. I've been thinking about why, all of a sudden, I was ready to give up so many things I thought I could never live without and invest a lot more time and a little more money to eat a diet of mainly whole foods.

I think it's because I realized someone else (the Big Wig Food Marketer/Processor Guys) were calling the shots on what was in my food. I felt duped, taken advantage of. I don't need someone adding omega 3s and iron to my cheese product and telling me it's health food and that I should eat lots of it. I want to eat real cheese with real ingredients that I can pronouce and just enough of it to feel satisfied. I'll take my nutrients from their naturally occurring food of origin, thank you very much.

I don't want to trick my body with chemicals that make it think it is getting something sweet. I want to eat the sweet things God created and fully savor them and have my body know exactly how to utilize what I just put in it. I want to quit obsessing about how much fat or carbs or protein is in something. If it is real food with minimal to no processing involved, I want to receive it with thankfulness and eat up. And then stop. That stopping part is key. As the author states, "Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much."

I'm definitely still working it all out. And although I'm making progress, I have miles to go before I sleep. Case in point--Chuy's chips and creamy jalepeno sauce. Consumed tonight by me in mass quantities. The very thorn in my tex-mex loving flesh. Not the hill I'm gonna die on right now.

5. No, Kris is not ready to cut back on the meat-eating as much as I am. So I will continue to prepare some for him. I love that carnivore.

6. Yes, my next homemade cooking project will be graham crackers. My boys love them some carbs so I will take back control over what is in the snacks I give my kids and make them my own darn self. So there, Nabisco.


Mamoo said...

We carb-up a Mamoo's house. The vanilla wafers flow like milk and honey.....

Jamie Rives said...

As it should be. They may enjoy their carb-fests while they are there. Notice I said "they!"

Robin said...

It's satisfying to make homemade things though, isn't it? While some things aren't worth the effort to make at home, there are some really easy things to make that are totally worth it.

I love homemade granola, and I think today is perfect day to make some more. I use the recipe I got from Traci.

If you come up with some good and healthy recipes, make sure to share them!

kate o. said...

good for you! that book and "the omnivore's dilemma" really changed the way our family eats. and we never feel like we are missing out on anything. kind of the opposite.

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