Thursday, July 16, 2009


We went from this

To this

Judah will turn one in just a few days. This is way more traumatic for me than Asher's first birthday. I think because I was almost 4 months pregnant then and didn't get as nostalgic knowing I was about to relive all those newborn experiences.

But Jude is supposed to be the baby. But I don't think anyone who wears 18 month clothes and eats roast beef sandwiches falls into that category.

So while I rejoice in the year God has given us and am profoundly grateful for each day with our boys, I'm getting a little freaked out about how fast it's going. I have two big boys (literally--they weigh within a few pounds of each other.)

But, I must say, big boys are a whole lot of fun, too.


chris mitch travis cana said...

i love them! i can't wait to see them tomorrow! make sure jude is wearing the same thing as the bottom pic! :)

Patti said...

Thought you might enjoy this touching little play that ensued right after you left:

scene: Hudson, trying to pedal the tricycle. Harper stands watching, rather imperiously, in her ballet dress.

Harper: Asher can do it. He's bigger than you.

me: Did Asher ride the tricycle?

Harper: He DID. He PEDALED.

Hudson didn't seem to mind the falling short. But yes, it IS indeed a big boy who can PEDAL.

Laura said...

Love the pics! Can't believe how old Jude is every time I see him- what a cutie! God has indeed blessed us with beautiful, wonderful (and high-spirited) boys.

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