Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thanks, Mamaw!

Nothing says "spring" like a pair of plaid shorts so thankfully, Asher's Mamaw bought him a cute new pair!

Think Jude got the shaft because of that whole "not yet born" thing? Think again!

New clothes all around! She even got me a cute new maternity top :)

So where are we going this Saturday, Mamaw?


Laura said...

Why isn't there a picture of you in the cute new maternity top? Asher looks handsome as always (love the plaid shorts- might have to get Steven some) and I get why Jude's not wearing his but you have no excuse! =)

Mamaw said...

I guess we will go to Jo Ann's so that I can buy some cute material and start making clothes for everyone including Kris....all matching outfits....what size is Kris'waist now? Never learned how to put in a zipper so everyone gets elastic waist bands.

Julee Casey said...

I love the shorts!! Asher is quite the little man...lady's man!! :)

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