Thursday, April 24, 2008

Children's Museum

Yesterday, we met Tye and Josh (and their moms) at the Children's Museum. The boys had a lot of fun exploring the different centers.

Asher and Tye started out by whipping up a little snack in the kitchen.

Then they learned about dental hygiene (or the lack thereof.)

Then it was on to the blocks.

And then a little rock-climbing.

We probably could have saved ourselves the $5 and just let the boys push the stroller around the mall, as that seemed to be one of the more fascinating activities.

I think the trip must have been inspiring because it was this afternoon that Asher decided to begin walking.

The Children's Musuem was a lot of fun, even for a 14 1/2 month old. And it is air-conditioned. That's a big plus.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great--those boys are so cute, and the one of Asher sitting on the rock is precious! I'm so sad we missed it--but maybe we can try it some other time. Josiah misses Asher!

Jamie said...

You and the J-man were definitely missed! We are up for another trip there so just let us know!

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