Friday, April 25, 2008

My goodness indeed!

While out running errands today, a man and his wife saw me holding Asher's hand while he walked along.

"Wow...teaching one to walk and another one on the way. My goodness!"

As much as I try to impute the best motives to others when it it is not explicitly clear what they mean, it was pretty clear by his tone that he thought the whole proposition was quite ridiculous.

I just responded with a smile and a "yep!" What this man did not know is that my little boy is beginning to walk which means I will not be 9 months pregnant and lugging around 26 pounds in addition to Jude and all his requisite fluid and that makes me very happy so no little comments or smirks can affect me right now.

So there.


susanna said...

you should have said, "yeah! I'm totally the first person EVER to do this. I'm so crazy! I should be in the Guiness Book of World Records for attempting this feat."

But that probably would have been rude.

Or you could have said, "My kid's walking? He's actually walking? Praise the Lord" And then proceeded to make a big scene about it. Maybe even dancing around Asher singing "What a Mighty God We Serve" or "Celebrate Jesus! Celebrate"

That would have really freaked him out. That would freak me out. Ok. I'm going to stop typing now b/c I am clearly to tired to think straight.

Jamie said...

both of those crossed my mind actually ;)

Patti said...

Yes, I think "Celebrate Jesus! Celebrate!" would have been fantastic. These comments will continue when Jude is on the outside. I think the most common is "Wow, you really have your hands full!" I always WANT to say, "YEAH! Full of LOVE!" but usually end up saying, "Yes, literally and figuratively, but it is mostly a delight."

Anonymous said...

Congrats Asher for walking! He's so handsome..

Marquez Family

cheryl said...

Love it - we were just talking about this the other day!! :) And yes the comments will keep coming, but I have to say I am much happier when I respond now that I am not pregnant and Meadow is just so darn cute. :) Oh, and go Asher!!! You made your mama proud and are going to give back a break - way too go!

mandycrowell said...

Yeah, sometimes it's hard to know what people mean. I think it's good you held your tongue and showed the gace of Christ in that moment. After all, sometimes you may not truly know about people's true intentions when they say things like that.
I know I personally say the whole "you have quite a bit to handle", or " Wow, you have your hands full" or "you are an amazing person" to people I know that have alot of children close together. And I totally mean it as a compliment to those women who are able to juggle so many tasks and children at once..but from reading some of my friend's blogs, it appears my comments would be taken as "insulting" or "patronizing"

Jamie said...

Mandy--I think it is totally different when it comes from a friend versus a stranger on the street (with sarcasm in their voice!) And if anyone told me that I was an "amazing person" I would just take them at their word and not read anything else into it ;)

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