Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Pig Cup

We all have little quirks, right? I'm sure most people have certain ways of doing things or preferences that might not necessarily be described as "normal" but also don't fall under the category of psychotic or disturbed.

Well, one of my little, endearing, charming quirks is that I like to drink out of plastic cups--soft plastic cups. Not the hard kind and not the disposable kind, but the reusable kind that you might get at a sporting event or something.

When we were in Memphis a few weeks ago, these were the cups that we used at the rehearsal dinner. Seeing what a gem of a cup it was and knowing that we didn't have any of these at our house for some strange reason, I took mine and Kris'. Obviously, the restaurant did not plan on washing these and providing them for the next guests usage, so I took ours home with us and have been enjoying tasty beverages from the pig cup ever since.

And I am mercilessly bereated by my husband for doing so. He will only drink out of actual glasses so the fact that I prefer plastic is appalling to him. I like my pig cup so I don't care what anybody thinks. Asher likes it, too, because he thinks that it has a dog on it. He barks whenever he sees it. I try to tell him that pigs say "oink-oink" (even though they really don't, but that seems to be the conventional sound to teach children regarding pigs.) But I digress...

My point is, I like my Central BBQ pig cup and I must say, my drinks taste better when I use it.

Kris--accept the pig cup. It is here to stay.


Bowser said...

I have to admit. I love plastic cups. I've never been able to put it so eloquently, but it does ring true.

Kevin said...

Robyn is a plastic cup diva, too, and it makes me nuts. I had my plastic cup time, starting as a child and going through living poor and rough in the college dorm. Real glasses are a privilege - you should take every opportunity to savor drink from luxurious adult glassware! :)

Hope you are all doing great!


susanna said...

I, too, enjoy a cold beverage from plastic cups. I prefer to drink ice water from them over glasses.

And your grout is really clean.

aerubli said...

Now that I have a child around I prefer plastic b/c it gets knocked over all the time. But Jason insists that we have a complete matching set of plastic cups (actually, he prefers anything that comes in a matching set) - fine, I can live with that. I bought a set of 8 cups in 4 colors (2 of each color). Jason prefers that I stack them by color - one must not mix the colors! I think he's the one who's quirky!! :)

Patti said...

I finally got rid of my faded stack of A&M football cups a couple of years ago because it was just getting sad. They were almost 14 years old. I don't like the feel of my teeth against glass. Even the unintentional scrape makes me wince. Ew, even thinking about it makes me wince. I like the picture of Asher and Hudson. Asher is clearly the raconteur of the two. I wonder if Asher with his booster chair expertise would like to come over and help me get my car seats back in my car properly. If I hadn't already had the kids in the car this morning I would have cussed repeatedly (and loudly) trying to wrestle those Britax monstrosities into the backseat of the Sentra.

Jamie said...

Patti--Asher would love to help. He has not ventured into carseat repair yet, but he's willing to try. As long as he gets dibs on any snacks that he finds in it.

And to everyone else--I'm so glad I am not alone and, if I may be so bold as to say, NOT the weird one in this scenario.

Kris and Kevin--you refined, mature gentlemen can keep the luxurious adult glassware for yourselves.

Jamie said...

Jamie- Your coment on the plastic pig cup is here to stay should have included the following caviat; until the plastic cup cracks and no longer holds liquids.

Kevin- Thank you for the voice of reason and wisdom that seems to fall upon the deaf ears of those enamored with the lesser beverage container.

Robin said...

I'm going to have to side with Kris and Kevin on this one.

Real glasses are better than plastic for most cases. Unless you need a drink outside or something, but we just use Nalgene bottles for that. And I guess those are plastic, too, but high class plastic at least.

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