Saturday, April 5, 2008

A note from Jude

***a clarification first: Obviously, Jude cannot verbally tell us what he wants, so as his mother, I have to sense what he is trying to tell us and then convey it with words as best I can***

"Dear Loved Ones,

I think that I would sleep really well if my mom could rock me in this lovely chair. I know what you are thinking, $849 for a chair and $399 for the matching ottoman seems a little pricey, but can you put a price on the perfect place to bond? I hardly think so.

So if you are so inclined, please head right on over here. My mom will even let you come over and rock me in it sometime.

See you in mid to late July.

All the best,


I think that was the gest of what he was saying.


Rebecca said...

That was the best money we have ever spent!!!! Ours was a good bit cheaper than that, but still very comfy! We got a Storytime Series rocker/ottoman from Best Chairs. You can look them up and find a store that sells them in Houston. They have lots of fabric choices. I love the stripe we got, and the pink stripe for girls is even cuter!!!

mandycrowell said...

Very cute..I loved my rocker and ottoman as well and it got alot of use with both babies..have you thought of seeing if there are any pottery barn goods cheaper on ebay? I actually found some pottery barn and pier one kids furniture pretty cheap on that just have to be looking at the right time and keep at it to catch the new stuff as it comes in..a great bargain tool!!

Jamie said...

mandy--i definitely need to check out ebay cuz it will be a freezing day in...Cancun...before i spend that much $$$ on a chair

rebecca--is your chair the kind with exposed wood or is it totally upholstered?

adrienne said...

there's a pottery barn furniture outlet in memphis! it might be worth another trip to see the fam... :)

Rebecca said...

Ours is totally upholstered and very soft! I just sink into it!

Anonymous said...

hi there! I got a wonderful totally uphostered chair on sale at a baby boutique! You should check them out--I also got to choose the fabric of my choice! I love it.. mine was a little over $200. I thought it was money well spent..I had the babiesrus/walmart wood/coushin one for my first son and wasn't impressed..

E-mail me and I'll tell you how I can get you some furniture/baby things for wholesale prices!

~Rachel Marquez

Patti said...

I have a Storytime Series chair and ottoman as well. Rebecca is right--lots of fabric choices and at least $400 cheaper than PB. I got mine at the Magic Moon which is in a strip mall near Second Baptist. It takes a couple of months to get it made, if I remember correctly. It IS totally worth the investment.

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