Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dear Old Navy,

From now on, you should use models that are actually pregnant for your maternity clothes ads. These girls aren't fooling anyone. It just makes me mad to click on your maternity clothes page and find a bunch of models who maybe overdid it at lunch a little, but are hardly with child. I mean, white maternity pants?


I want to see some girls who contemplated wearing their maternity shirts backwards because their butts seem to be pregnant too or some girls who all have on flip flops because their feet couldn't be stuffed into anything else, but that still look cute and somewhat comfortable, because those are the clothes that I want to buy right now. What the girls in this picture are suffering from is nothing a laxative and a good pair of Spanx couldn't cure.

Please feel free to contact me for a consultation if you have any further questions.

Jamie Rives


thelittlefields said...

Oh my goodness, that is the funnies
t thing I've read in a while!

Seriously, imagine a maternity line that only used pregnant women to advertise--crazy!

Congrats on Asher walking!

Bethany said...


You crack me up! I will leave it at that...


susanna said...

hahahahaha!!! you are too funny!

Kim Davis said...

Ha, ha! So true!

You are hilarious. I hope you really send the letter. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you as funny as your mother?

mandycrowell said...

I remember walking past "Motherhood Maternity" signs when I was 8 months preggers, and seeing these skinny models with small softballs under their shirts and wearing 3 inch heels. Seriously!!
This was a great laugh I needed today..thanks for sharing!

Patti said...

I think you should buy the strapless top AND the white pants and then send them a picture of what it would be like trying to keep up with Asher, say, at the park, while wearing a strapless top and white pants.

Alli Dunham said...

You crack me up! CRACK ME UP.

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