Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We visited a church one time where they were apparently behind on their budget so their brilliant solution was to launch a "ketchup" campaign so everyone could "catch-up" on their giving. Everyone was issued red ketchup squirt bottles to fill with money and bring back the following Sunday. They even had guys walking around in huge ketchup costumes...you know, like the ones in the book of Acts.

Well, there are no costumes or little red squeeze bottles here, but I do need to play a little catch-up.

Last week, we went to the zoo with Patti and her kids. Asher and Hudson are about the same age. The animals were nice, but getting freed from the stroller to play in the leaves was the highlight of their trip, I think.

Notice the awesome "ta-gah" on Asher's shirt that his Mamaw got for him.

Later that week, we attended The Woman's Hospital of Texas NICU reunion. We missed it last year so we decided we should go, just to see if it is worth it to go each year. It was kind of a bummer because we didn't see anyone that we knew or any of the nurses that took care of Asher. But the good part was that there wasn't one baby in there that looked like he or she started out life in intensive care. Next year, it might be at the Children's museum and if that's the case, we'll go.

Next up was Josiah's first birthday party. We had a to get a few "Tye-Josiah-Asher" pictures now that they are all big one year olds.

Here they are about a year ago--my how they've grown!

(Josiah, Asher, Tye)

Can you spot the birthday boy in the picture below?

Since it was Saturday, Kris was at work at Second doing his audio thing. Asher and I decided to be productive and get some housework done. We started in the living room. The before...

and the after...

My special cleaning helper abandoned me half way through the job to attend to an urgent highchair repair.

Hopefully, the straps are working just fine now.

Then we moved on to the kitchen. The before...

and the after...

This was the only picture that didn't come out too dark, but trust me when I tell you, the rest of it was spic and span.

Regrettably, I was abandoned again by my special cleaning helper during the process. This is where I found him as I was finishing up...

He had some reading to catch up on, so I let him do what he needed to do.

After that, I was wiped out so that ended the cleaning frenzy.

And that catches you up. Sad, right? No blogging for almost a week and that's all you missed. But if anything exciting does happen, I'll be sure to let you know.


Robin said...

Did they use real ketchup bottles? That's odd.

Jamie said...

Yes, the plain red kind that usually comes with a matching yellow one. Not like a rinsed-our Heinz bottle.

I agree--very odd.

Pretty picture, by the way :)

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