Monday, April 21, 2008

Asher's Baptism

On Sunday, Asher was baptized. It was truly a joy to be able to apply this sign of the covenant to him.

Here are a few of the baptism.

On the left you can see our friends, the Wimberlys. Their daughters were baptized on Sunday as well.

Us and our pastor, Chad Karger. (and Asher's new bear that our friends, the Tans, got for him.)

Us and my parents.

I can't tell you how excited I was that we were able to have Asher baptized. This has been an issue that Kris and I have discussed, studied, and prayed about since before we were married. We have both come a long way and our understanding and conviction has evolved together over the years.

We continue to pray fervently that Asher will be granted faith and repentence, as this baptism does nothing to secure either of those. He must confess with his mouth and believe in his heart that Christ is his savior and only hope.


Gary and Cecile said...

Am curious as to how you came to this decision. Cecile Leatherman

Jamie said...

hi cecille--i'll get your email from Bethany and tell you more about our decision :)

Anonymous said...

Now that we're PCA Presbyterians, we had all 3 of our kids baptised also. We really prayed and studied and I'm sure some will never get why we did it, but we did. I'd love to talk to you about it sometime. - Traci C.

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