Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Cattle Are Lowing

Does that mean mooing? Mooing quietly perhaps? Eating hay? Who knows.

I can tell you that a good dairy cow (under normal circumstances--meaning not what you find in most American "dairies") can produce up to 17 gallons of milk a day. If you give that cow to a family in a third world country, that family all of a sudden has the means to feed itself and a source of income by selling the surplus. This is exactly what Heifer International makes possible for thousands of families around the world.

An animal can literally change the course of life for a family. In addition to cows, you can give llamas, chicks, goats, even water buffalo! Each gift not only addresses an immediate need but starts a chain reation of need-meeting for the family, the neighborhood, and the entire community. But I'll let Alton tell you more (because who has not learned more from Alton Brown in one episode of Good Eats than in all 4 years of high school science classes?)...

Here is the gift catalog. Do a little holiday shopping!

1 comment:

Patti said...

Harper has chosen ducks this year. Hudson is still deciding, but my money is on a llama. We love Heifer.

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