Friday, December 4, 2009

Because what else would I post about today?

Snow in Houston. If it happens, we make sure everyone hears about it. I'm looking out my window at the downy flakes falling softly and quickly. A beautiful sight no doubt, but to really enjoy it, one needs the proper attire and it seems hard to justify snowsuits for the family when this only happens once a year.

We started the day with a light flurry that we made sure to go out and rejoice in just in case this was The Great Snowfall of '09.

I promise there really are little flakes. Really.

Then we came inside and played for a little while and decorated the Christmas tree, which, it must be said, is no easy feat with Thing 1 and 2 lending a hand. We ate lunch as we watched the flakes grow in size and speed. Excited that it was actually sticking to the ground, we headed back out to enjoy the snow a little more.

But as it turns out, fleece jackets aren't really ideal snow-wear. So back inside, in the very spirit of Tim Gunn, to "make it work!" When we were staying with my aunt and uncle in Memphis about 2 years ago, it snowed and my Aunt Ginny put together an impressive makeshift snowsuit for Asher using grocery sacks, ziplocs, and rubberbands. Using the knowledge I gained then combined with Patti's idea for garbage bag panchos, I whipped together a snow-playing-in ensemble.

Asher's fireman boots came in very handy today while Jude got to sport the ziploc bag/croc snowboot. We played for a while, but their little red and runny noses let me know that it was time to go inside. Plus it was naptime and snow or not, those boys lay down at 1pm.

Stay warm, y'all.

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