Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mary's Boy Child...

probably never needed a haircut. She had plenty on her mind as she cared for him, no doubt, but the the fact that he was getting a little shaggy was not an issue.

Not so here. Haircuts were sadly overdue. Asher had a about a 2-3 week window where he was rocking a pretty cool "surfer-musician, I just run my fingers through it and go" style but then it degenerated into "pitiful street urchin" and that's just really not the look we're going for.

So Mamaw and I took the boys today to get haircuts.

The webcam obviously does not do well with moving subjects so this is all I could get without actually getting up and looking for and using the camera. But trust me, they look so sweet. Asher kept saying, "I look pretty." I said, "Yes, you do get it from your daddy."

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