Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Making a List--UPDATED

Before I lie down tonight, here is what I would like to accomplish

1. Make up bed with clean sheets. (update: made bed...same sheets...kids got in made bed and now it is no longer made...story.of.my.life.)
2. Fold and put away all laundry. (update: might still happen)
3. Hang all clothes that go on hangers. (update: DONE)
4. Clean bathroom counter and mirror. (update: not looking good)
5. Paint the rest of the shelves. (update: the Boss told me to wait til he sands them more)
6. Vacuum. (update: not happening)
7. Clean kitchen. (update: almost finished...had to cook dinner which made the job more involved)
8. Clean out magical minivan. (update: still filled up will all manner of books, papers, sippy cups, shoes, and junk mail)
9. Gather all books scattered throughout the house. (update: gathered some)
10. Deposit checks. (update: went to Target for more cleaning supplies and ran out of time...bank closes too early)
11. Print out Jesse Tree stuff. (update: maybe next year)
12. Straighten boys' rooms. (update: what's the point?)

Ok, that should be enough to keep me busy for today. I just put the Brothers Rives down for their naps so I will go get to work.

ps--the shelves are in and they look awesome! I just need to paint the little shelves that go inside because Kris made it to where they are adjustable. After that, I will post pics. My man did an incredeible job!!!


Robin said...

Your list makes me tired.

Patti said...

That's an impressive list. I just cleaned one toilet.

Carrie Murphy said...

Good luck with all that!

Meredith said...

wow! can u make a visit to AR?

hilarylarson said...

Did you complete that list? :)

Anonymous said...

The updates are the reason we could forever be friends :)

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