Saturday, December 19, 2009

No Crib For A Bed

As some of you know, Asher still sleeps in a baby bed. We have the big boy bed all set up and ready to go, but our first attempt at the transition (when he was about 20 months) went horribly, horribly wrong. So we borrowed another crib after about a month of sleepless nights and he has been sleeping like a baby (pun obviously intended) ever since.

But with news of a new baby coming to live with us, Lord willing, this summer, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for Asher to make the big move, free up a needed baby bed, and be the big brother-hero in the process--sacrificing the comfort and security that I suppose sleeping behind bars offers.

Well...he sees things a little differently. He has informed us that the new baby (who will be a girl says he) may have his big boy bed and he will stay in the crib. So little baby-on-the-way and the little Lord Jesus have something in common.

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