Wednesday, December 9, 2009

And Heaven and Nature Sing

I love hymns, ancient and modern. There is just something about theologically rich, well-written, Christ-exalting music that proclaims the gospel to your soul. Many of the songs we typically think of only around Christmas time are incredible proclamations of the glory of the Incarnation that we would do well to meditate on throughout the year. Some of these songs were written hundreds of years ago. Some were written in the last decade.

Andrew Peterson, one of my very favorite singer/songwriters, has a beautifully done album all about the coming of Christ. He begins in Genesis, which is where we first receive the Promise that God will deliver His people, and follows the promises throughout the Old Testament, culminating, of course, with Christ's birth.

If you have never heard the album I recommend you CLICK HERE and get it! One of my favorite songs on it is called "Labor of Love" and the first line is "It was not a silent night. There was blood all around." Now that's my kind of Christmas song.

So check it out. And listen to it all year long. Because as believers in Christ, his Incarnation is a precious truth that we celebrate all year long.


amy c said...

your blog post title made me laugh....olivia used to sing it 'heaven in a manger scene'...i thought it was so cute i would never correct, it works! ha.

Patti said...

I just read the customer reviews on Amazon and one even has a Tolkien analogy. A touch more eloquent than the customer reviews I usually read on Why is it $24.99? Is that how much cd's cost now? It's been awhile. And apropos of nothing, except I don't want to forget to tell you tomorrow, have you tried the 365 brand of black refried beans? For only $1.49 you get really flavorful smashed black beans (not really "refried"--just beans,water, and sea salt) that make my kids very happy.

Jamie R. said...

hmmm...maybe I linked to a set or soemthing. It shouldn't be that much. I think I'll just change the link to iTunes.

And no, never tried the refried--rice and black beans are on the menu tomorrow. The Carnivore will be working late.

Paula Aspacher said...

He has done a free concert at our church for the last 2 years for christmas, for some reason i think he goes there to church. Christ community franklin TN, ??? not sure

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