Monday, November 3, 2008

Major Catching-Upage Soon

I have so much to blog about yet so many other things that rank slightly above blogging in importance to do.

So here is a little preview just to make sure you don't abandon reading my blog altogether to teach me a lesson about being so terribly inconsistant.

The posts to come will contain (in no particular order):

a monkey
giant inflatables
electrical tape
a certain somebody's 3 month pictures
a sling
exciting news!!! (and NO--I'm not.)

So come back, OK?


Too Cute said...

Can't wait to hear the exciting news......and all the other news too!

Bethany said...

thanks for leaving us hanging! I think I will just call...

thelittlefields said...

Ok so the two that have most interested are "giant inflatables" and "vomit".

Did you finally break down and get one of those awesome inflatable snow globes to teach your boys the true meaning of Christmas?

When I saw the yard art for sale the other week I thought about buying you guys a little candy corn for your front yard. Truly, no lawn is complete.

Becca said...

Ok. I've been extremely patient. What is your exciting news?? My patience is gone!!

Jamie Rives said...

Maybe that was a little teaser...maybe I was going to try to pass off the fact that Asher was no longer freaking out when he went to bed as exciting news...

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