Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Free Derek Webb

Also, here the guidelines I would set forth if I am put in charge of the next election...

1. Each candidate is allowed to publish one position paper detailing (1)his philosophy of government, (2) his stance on the major issues,(3) his goals for the first 6 months, first year, and his term as a whole, and (4) the means he will use to assess whether or not his goals were met. It wil be published in English, by the way.

2. There will be no commercials, yard signs, bumper stickers, hour-long infomercials, or the like. Voters will read the aforementioned position papers, decide which one resonates with their particular goals and ideals, and vote accordingly.

3. The candidates will not be allowed to tell the voters what another candidate did or didn't do, said or didn't say, agrees with or doesn't agree with. The candidates will not say to themselves, "What do most people want? OK, then that's what I'll be." They will first ask, "What am I? Do most people want this?"

This is just what I have right now. I'll keep a little running list so that I'll be prepared when the election officials ask my opinion. I'm sure that will happen.

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Robin said...

Have you heard the new song on there? I haven't downloaded it yet and was just wondering what it was.

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