Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As Promised...A Monkey, Electrical Tape, and Inflatables

For Halloween/Reformation Day, we got all dressed up! My little monkey was, well...a little monkey. Although I'm afraid those ears say "mouse." But I tried. He pulled the look off despite his mother's less-than-stellar sewing skills because he does a very convincing monkey noise. Really. Get him to do it for you next time you see him.

Kris playing that party favorite "Pin the Tail on the Monkey"

"Ooh ooh, ee, ee, aah, aah!"

Jude is not one to miss out on festivites so he and I did a themed costume. He was a bumble bee and I was his flower.

A little felt and electrical tape can turn even the most boring Baby Bjorn into a fabulous bee costume.

The next day was cousin Reagan's birthday. She had it at an indoor play area full of super fun inflatables. There were things to bounce in and slide on! Oh the fun that was had by my boy!

Asher enjoyed it, too.

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hilarylarson said...

consider me impressed. very creative! :)

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