Monday, November 10, 2008

At least life's not boring... ***UPDATE***

As of 8:27 am, there have been no signs of food poisoning. Thank you, Lord that Asher is not sick and that I did not have to clean up vomit twice in one week.

The past few days have been quite interesting around our house for a number of reasons. I won't go into too much detail about some of the things, but suffice it to say, we have all had or are having our turn with a lovely stomach bug. I'll leave it at that.

Another fun thing that happended is that our house almost exploded. Literally. Yep.

Kris goes to church early to practice with the other musicians so the boys and I go in a little later than he does. We left the house about 9:45 (church starts at 10--we were running later--Jude wore his pj's to church. The beauty of being an infant.) Anyway, we went and ate lunch after church and got home about 1:30. I walked in the house first and smelled natural gas. I looked at the oven and one of the knobs was turned on. I ran over and turned it off. Kris was right behind me so we grabbed the boys and walked outside. Asher knows better than to touch the stove, but when I am not within a few feet of him, he takes the opportunity to explore. He is getting better, but discipline is definitely a process with him.

I held Jude and pushed Asher around our street in his little car while Kris went through the house opening doors and windows. The smell dissapated fairly quickly after that so we went back in.

The amazing part is that we have a fireplace with gas logs--which has a pilot light that stays lit. The pilot light and logs are behind glass, but still! God was very merciful to us. We did not some home to a house blown to smithereens.

And now all the knobs are in a drawer and we put them on when we need them.

You would think that would be enough for one day. But I'm learning that life with an active, curious 21 month old never really slows down.

I cleaned out the refrigerator last night and threw away a bunch of old stuff. I took out a Gladware container that had some leftover rotesserie chicken in it. Everything else got dealt with last night, but I missed that container and it was still sitting on the counter this morning. I was cleaning up the kitchen and I moved the container to the counter next to the sink. Then I walked back to our room to get something and as I was walking back to the kitchen, I heard Asher getting into something.

I walked in and saw him with the bowl of old chicken that had sat out ALL NIGHT in his hands. He had taken a bite by the time I got to him and swallowed it. I took the bowl away as he is pleading for more "chicka chicka chicka" as he calls it.

I called the doctor who said wait it out. If it's salmonella, he will begin throwing up in anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Great.

I washed his hands thoroughly and put a little extra probiotic powder in his milk, hoping the good bacteria will attack the bad. We'll see.

So that catches you up. Viruses, near explosions, food poisoning. But the day is young. Everyone is napping now (obviously) so I look forward to what the rest of the day holds.

With those Rives boys, no telling!


Kathryn said...

Ugh. I'm glad mine's not walking yet. He's already up to no good.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness! What a day. I'm glad your house and the little guys are ok!!

hilarylarson said...

now that is drama! well done, well done! :)

btw, how is the napping on floor or bed coming along?

Frank and Sara said...

Traffic from Facebook :)

smithereens! That's a great word!
You know, we never know what things God is protecting us from. The WHOLE WORLD experiences this "general" grace every day. I agree with the Bible. Every tongue should praise Him.

Then Lamb is Worthy!

Jamie Rives said...

Nope--still sleeping on the floor. I don't get it.

Mandy Crowell said...

Wow, talk about your "exciting" day! Glad to hear you still have a roof over your head and we'll be praying that Asher doesn't get sick. It's amazing how tough our little boys can be though. I hope the rest of your week is a little more boring! heehee!

Lis said...

are you still using "primadophilus children"??? if so, that's awesome, I'm glad you are finding use for it!!! you aren't far from being a granola yourself! ;)

Jamie Rives said...

Lis--yes, still using Prima. :) I put it in Jude's bottles and have started giving it to Asher recently--esp. since he is not eating as much yogurt as he used to. Not quite sure if I will ever reach "granola" status, but I definitely want to lean that way a little more ;)

Katelin and Jason Boles said...

sounds like you have been busy! your boys are adorable jamie! you have a beautiful family!

i looked at the wedding pics too and you were a beautiful bride....still beautiful!!

Jamie Rives said...

thanks, Katelin :) It's been way too long since we've seen each other! Coming to H-town any time soon?

Katelin and Jason Boles said...

not sure when we are coming through houston again. maybe at thanksgiving but you know how the holidays are........

Becca said...

I'm so glad to hear that your lil guy is okay!!

susanna said...

good thing you didn't light up your cigarette as soon as you walked into the house. :)

i would have asked how you are all feeling when you called today, but i haven't read blogs in a while! sorry! that's super lame of me.

hope y'all had fun at the playground!

susanna said...

good thing you didn't light up your cigarette as soon as you walked into the house. :)

i would have asked how you are all feeling when you called today, but i haven't read blogs in a while! sorry! that's super lame of me.

hope y'all had fun at the playground!

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