Saturday, March 1, 2008

Outfits for "the boys"

"The boys." Poor guys--this is probably how I will refer to them. For example, to say "I'm taking Asher and Jude* on a walk today" would take way too long. So I will say "the boys" even though I think I shouldn't.

So I bought the boys matching outfits. Not that Carters rompers are the cutest things ever, but I was in the mood to buy Jude* something and I had a gift card to Babies R Us and I saw that these outfits came in Newborn all the way to 24 months. So this is what they got.

What I really want for them is an outfit like this, which I now know are called "jon-jons" (thanks Rebecca and Patti.)

Not to dress the boys in all the time...just every once in a while. Most of the time, I dress Asher in a scaled down version of what Kris wears--polos, khaki shorts, oxfords, etc. But he looked so sweet in his birthday outfit that we borrowed, I realized he needs a few more outfits like that. And I refuse to pay $45 for one. So either one of you needs to volunteer to make me one or I will have to make it myself. I am a sewing hack, but that hasn't stopped me before.

* Jude may or may not be this child's name, but the final name-approver guy has not yet given his final name approval. So I just went with it for the sake of this post and provided this disclaimer lest the final name-approver guy think me too forward.


kris said...

Forward indeed! But i guess we should call him something for now.

hilarylarson said...

try e-bay - sometimes you can get them way cheaper, i got a darling one for $6 once & only $10 w/shipping. i call my girls, my girls, my sisters make fun of me. but, i don't care. i think & say "the girls & will" now, maybe i should just say children?

Rebecca said...

I just took a class on making jon-jon's. They are pretty easy, but I still need a little practice.

Patti said...

I was just remembering that last summer Hudson pretty much lived in onesies (even though a mother at the park told me she thought onesies were "strictly underwear") and was lamenting that even though he is not that much bigger than he was then, he is still too much of a Big Boy to be parading about in his underwear. I bought one of these little seersucker overall things (is it called a "jon-jon" after JFK Jr.?) for a picture and it did make me feel queasy to pay $42 but I think it will get worn quite a bit.
And it's red and navy so I think it looks somewhat boyish.

Denise said...

Okay, I'm just catching up... A BOY!!!! YahoooWEEEEEEE! Boys ROCK! Two boys under two - what could be better???? I am all about the matchy match stuff and am doing it before they can even protest. Congrats, congrats! And I love the name Jude!

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