Monday, March 24, 2008

For Robin

I took this for you today at H.E.B. with my phone. Ugli fruit is apparently low in acid with a sweet flavor. There is nothing ugli about that.

Feel free to link to this post from your explanation of ugli fruit.


Robin said...

Sweet! I wonder if it tastes good.

Thanks, Jamie. You're helping out humanity, too.

Bec said...

I was at HEB this week and saw that. I thought it looked pretty yucky looking. So, I was interested enough to try and find out what it was. I looked at the name........... Perfect name for it!!

Rebecca said...

Oh, how I miss HEB!!!

Jamie said...

Robin--happy to do my part, as always

Bec--if you google it, Robin's blog will be pretty high on the search list apparently

Rebecca--you live in a place with no HEB???? That is tragic...although I think the "Heeb" (as Kris calls it) is getting a little too big for its britches on some of their prices. Who do they think they are...Randall's?

Robin said...

If you google "wrinkly fruit" I'm the second on one the list. I get tons of hits for it.

We have no HEB here either. So sad. I cried a little when I looked at your photo.

Also, I just found a blog of a girl I knew in college. I clicked on a link on her blog and I saw YOU linked on that blog. It's Me and My Boys. I also saw other people I knew on that blog, too. Small world, huh?

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