Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dat! Dat!

"Dat" (that) is Asher's newest addition to his vocabulary. When he wants something, he points at it and utters a frantic string of "dat!, dat!"'s. Then he usually follows it with a lengthy explanation of what he wants and why he wants it but that part is a bit harder to understand.

I try to figure out what he is poiting at and then call it by it's real name, but he just looks at me like, "Yeah, dat! Why are we still discussing this?"

He has also started saying "ta-gah" (guitar.) He gets very excited when he sees Kris' guitar case and points at it saying "ta-gah!" hoping that Kris will take it out and he will get to play. The other night, we were at my parents house and he sat in 3 different people's laps looking through my dad's Acoustic Guitar magazine. Right now, he is sitting at my feet holding an old electric guitar with no strings on it in his lap and is quite content.

The really fun part is when we are at church and Kris is playing up front. We are trying to teach him to sit with us during worship but for the first 5 or 10 minutes of music, he is fighting with all his might to get to "Da" who is playing his "ta-gah." Thankfully the other people in our church are very patient as we train our child what is appropriate behavior during the service!

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